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Young White Girl Beaten By Savage Black Dindu Nuffin

On April 14th, a young white girl and her little brother were savagely attacked for what appears to be no other reason than being white by a violent black dindu nuffin named Shania Bryant from Indianapolis, Indiana.

The attack was unprovoked and when Shania Bryant attacked the young girl, Shania Bryant’s friends allegedly recorded the attack using their cell phone and applauded her violent actions while the victim’s little brother watched on in horror as his sister was violently beaten by the dindu nuffin.

When Shania Bryant ceased her attack, the young woman proceeded to leave peacefully while crying and asking what she had done. But Shania Bryant was not satisfied and proceeded to rush the young woman again and stomp on her face and beat her without mercy. This caused the young girl’s brother to try to defend his sister by hitting the violent dindu nuffin to no effect.

Regardless, the dindu nuffin refused to show any mercy, even to a small, defenseless child and proceeded to hit him and push him down and kick him while he was down. The boy cried, but luckily he did not appear to suffer any serious injuries. The poor young girl quickly took her brother and walked off as fast as possible while the group of dindu nuffins proceeded to laugh and cheer on the violent actions of the head dindu nuffin, Shania Bryant.

Clearly these dindu nuffins, all dindu nuffin.

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