Dindu Nuffins Protest By Burning KFC Bucket and Pouring Out Grape Drink

This former marine allegedly took this selfie to protest what was going on in Baltimore during the riots. You’ll notice that he is burning a bucket of KFC while pouring out a bottle of grape drink, all while standing in front of a reverse American flag while holding his rifle.

burning kfc bucket pouring grape drink

Here is what was originally posted on his facebook profile along with this photo:

This photo is in response to all those un-American black puts in Baltimore, chanting “Fuck America” while burning the U.S. flag. As a proud American and coming from a long line of U.S. Veterans, disrespecting our flag like that makes me furious beyond words.  I love this country for the principles and foundation that it was built on. Countless people have dies just so you have the right to disrespect and trash talk out country. If you honestly don’t like it here in America, Then leave.  It’s as simple as that.  If any of my friends have any American balls and aren’t focused on that transgender washed out murderer, The share this picture. I want this to reach Baltimore. Before anyone starts calling me a “Racist” or any of that crap, this picture is aimed at ANY pieces of shit that have burned the U.S. flag.  I have black friends/ old co-workers who also strongly disagree with Baltimore/Ferguson.

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One thought on “Dindu Nuffins Protest By Burning KFC Bucket and Pouring Out Grape Drink”

  1. For the record – there’s no such thing as a “reverse” American flag. It can face either way; the correct way to face an American flag is with the union (blue part with stars on it) facing the direction of travel. It’s considered “inverted” only when it’s upside down. For example: if the flag is on a vehicle – the union side should be facing the front of the vehicle. Think of it this way – the Union (blue) leads the way; leaving a trail of blood and sperm everywhere it goes.

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