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REPARATIONS website asks whites to pay black people’s rent to relieve guilt

This is some crazy ass shit, my niggas. I’m gonna register on the reperetions site rite now and I’m axing for some new Air Jordans and a bottle uh malt liquor. Read more at infowars.

Self-loathing whites offer to clean for, massage & be shouted at by blacks to atone for slavery

A new “reparations” website asks white people to pay black people’s rent and give them money to relieve their white guilt.

The website, started by Seattle-based “conceptual artist” Natasha Marin, suggests a number of ways in which white people can atone for the fact that 1.4 per cent of white people owned black slaves in the United States over 150 years ago.

Examples on the site’s ‘about’ page include:

Dindu Nuffin 1: I need groceries.
White Person 1: “I’ll get them for you. PM me and I’ll send an Amazon Fresh or Safeway delivery. You just pick out what you want. I have a $200 limit.”

Dindu Nuffin 2: I’m too upset to make dinner. I live in Seattle.
White Person 2: “Come over to my house for dinner, bring a friend if you like. PM me and I’ll send you the address, or can I order delivery to you? What kind of food do you like?”

Dindu Nuffin 3: I want to scream and cuss at someone.
White Person 3: “I volunteer as tribute. How do we set this up?”

Dindu Nuffin 4: I want to escape this cruel world in a *Specific Videogame* but can’t afford it on Steam right now. This is not a crisis, I just don’t trust people easily and want to see if this works.
White Person 4: Thank you for giving me the chance to do something concrete and relatively easy. I was quietly hating myself for doing nothing.

Numerous white people beset with self-loathing have already offered a number of goods and services, including the free use of a car, house cleaning, massages, “catharsis,” and straight-up cold hard cash.

Black people have also posted messages on the site with requests for free laptops, a Kindle EBook Reader and recording studio access.

“I want my project fully funded or at least my phone paid for from here till December so I can stay in Boriken writing about Amerikkkan colonialism,” another man demands on the ‘Reparations’ Facebook page.

Young White Girl Beaten By Savage Black Dindu Nuffin

On April 14th, a young white girl and her little brother were savagely attacked for what appears to be no other reason than being white by a violent black dindu nuffin named Shania Bryant from Indianapolis, Indiana.

The attack was unprovoked and when Shania Bryant attacked the young girl, Shania Bryant’s friends allegedly recorded the attack using their cell phone and applauded her violent actions while the victim’s little brother watched on in horror as his sister was violently beaten by the dindu nuffin.

When Shania Bryant ceased her attack, the young woman proceeded to leave peacefully while crying and asking what she had done. But Shania Bryant was not satisfied and proceeded to rush the young woman again and stomp on her face and beat her without mercy. This caused the young girl’s brother to try to defend his sister by hitting the violent dindu nuffin to no effect.

Regardless, the dindu nuffin refused to show any mercy, even to a small, defenseless child and proceeded to hit him and push him down and kick him while he was down. The boy cried, but luckily he did not appear to suffer any serious injuries. The poor young girl quickly took her brother and walked off as fast as possible while the group of dindu nuffins proceeded to laugh and cheer on the violent actions of the head dindu nuffin, Shania Bryant.

Clearly these dindu nuffins, all dindu nuffin.

Dindu Nuffins Protest By Burning KFC Bucket and Pouring Out Grape Drink

This former marine allegedly took this selfie to protest what was going on in Baltimore during the riots. You’ll notice that he is burning a bucket of KFC while pouring out a bottle of grape drink, all while standing in front of a reverse American flag while holding his rifle.

burning kfc bucket pouring grape drink

Here is what was originally posted on his facebook profile along with this photo:

This photo is in response to all those un-American black puts in Baltimore, chanting “Fuck America” while burning the U.S. flag. As a proud American and coming from a long line of U.S. Veterans, disrespecting our flag like that makes me furious beyond words.  I love this country for the principles and foundation that it was built on. Countless people have dies just so you have the right to disrespect and trash talk out country. If you honestly don’t like it here in America, Then leave.  It’s as simple as that.  If any of my friends have any American balls and aren’t focused on that transgender washed out murderer, The share this picture. I want this to reach Baltimore. Before anyone starts calling me a “Racist” or any of that crap, this picture is aimed at ANY pieces of shit that have burned the U.S. flag.  I have black friends/ old co-workers who also strongly disagree with Baltimore/Ferguson.

Let me know your opinion on this matter. Register and leave a comment!

Dindu Nuffin Muffins

Now, the perfect snack for the man who dindu nuffins. The Dindu Nuffin Muffins!

dindu nuffin muffins

Here’s my recipe for Dindu Nuffin muffins:


1 or more packages of store-bought muffins.


  1. Open box and remove muffins.
  2. Unwrap muffins if you bought individually wrapped ones.
  3. Place muffins on a serving dish.

Your guests will believe you made them from scratch when you really dindu nuffin.